Creative Ways To Wear Leather

Men's list of wardrobe essentials is not as long as that of women. Most men find pride in keeping it simple but timelessly stylish—which is really cool. In fact, the secret of the best-dressed men is not in wearing clothes that attract too much attention or perceived as flamboyant. Rather, it is in keeping it simple and put together. You will literally generate good vibes effortlessly. However, coming up with the desired look is not so obvious to most men.

Considering the infinite choices available, settling for an outfit that nails it might get overwhelming. Luckily, you can achieve a great look by owning some set of clothes. In that regard, leather should be one of the key cloths in a functional closet. They are so stylish and it is one of those closet staples that will last you a lifetime.

 It might be expensive but in the long run, save you money and style. Moreover, leather is one of those pieces that will compliment any outfit you put together. Finding the signature leather piece is one great achievement to your wardrobe. They are highly transitional, manly, durable and contemporary enough to add a quirky edge to an otherwise vanilla outfit. If you already don’t have a few hanging in your closet, now is the time to start searching. However, don't feel pressured to pour out jaw-dropping cash in order to get the signature look.

There is plenty of leather that looks great yet very affordable if you are patient in your search. It can't go without saying that there are many variations of this timeless piece. Therefore, simply settle for the one that suits you best. With this, here are some creative ways you can wear leather to give you a jolt of style and make your presence impressive.

Styling leather jackets

It’s without a doubt that leather jackets are best in giving you a classic and cool look. Although the sheer amount of style can be daunting, it will be worth it if you create time and effort to find one that suits you best. Leather jackets are found in numerous variations but the most common are bomber and biker. In picking out the jacket, a good fit and simplicity are key.

 In wearing, leather jackets are best when kept thin underneath. Therefore, simply paring it with a plain t-shirt and jeans will look great. If you want something less casual, dress shirts, a bow tie and Chelsea books will instantly look classically smart. Alternatively, iconic trainers like converse and vans are a perfect partner in crime for your leather jacket.

Picking the color

Brown is best liked by men after black. They both look very stylish when paired well with an outfit. Simply make a bold personal style statement by choosing a unique color for your jacket. However, be sure to take caution since color can go very wrong. Your leather jacket will always draw attention no matter what. However, no one wants to turn heads for the wrong reasons. You can either keep it simple or make it bold. Alternatively, add color to your black leather jacket by using a coral bow tie or skinny ties.

Biker or bomber

Either way, you will still rock it whether in an office or the street. Nevertheless, bomber jackets tend to look more official than the biker ones.

If you are considering the official look, your safest choice for an official look is a white dress shirt with a black tie, then throw in your black leather bomber jacket. It gives you a very classic look that isn't so stiff or too casual for a formal environment.

Varsity Style leather jackets

You can also get the guts to style up by settling for a varsity leather jacket. It’s a two-tone design, whereby your jacket is partly made of leather and another material such as cotton. They are a great way of upping your game from a less hoodie look. Since they are a baggier look, your best choice will be to pair it with slim or slightly baggy jeans and some trainers. When dropping this look, ensure to keep away from skinny jeans since they will make your lower abdomen look too thin to look good.

Leather blazers

A well-fitting blazer is a perfect touch to any outfit, now throw in the fact that it’s in leather. It will always make the perfect fashion statement. Besides, you can never go wrong when paired with the perfect bottom wear. It’s not one of the most favorite pieces in the fashion industry, yet looks great when properly worn.

Leather pants

Leather pants on men can be tricky. You have to know what you are doing to pull them up. If you are bold enough to own a pair, black should be the color. Too tight pants and too much leather are the banes of stylishness. Simply keep it casual.

Remember to keep in mind that it's more than just the leather. You have to dress it up and maintain the less is more philosophy. Think of the leather item as the central figure and any other wear a complement to it.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert