Dressing Tips That Will Make You Look Muscular

So you are trying to hit the gym and build up your muscles but with all the hustle of city life, you just don’t do it as often as you’d like. Or maybe you are doing it but it’s not happening as fast as you’d like. You can also be an athletic guy who is proud of his thin frame but wants to make the most of what you have. Who doesn't anyway?

As a society, most people especially women tend to gravitate around fellows who are healthy. Somehow, if you look muscular, you are instantly considered fit and strong. This ultimately ups your game in search of a romantic partner since women are really attracted to men who have a protective vibe to them. Men too, admire men who look like they could handle their lives and be a positive influence.

Caring about one's appearance, in the right way, is essential. Considering the amount of attention and respect given to good-looking people, it is definitely not a character flaw. In fact, sometimes vanity is good and works. And your muscles are one of the best accessories you have, you should show them off. There are people born with the desired looks but some have to work on it.

 Frankly, anyone can look great and generate good vibes if they know what to do right. You can literally evince a muscular appearance and tap into the benefits by simply wearing the right clothes in the right way. Irrespective of whether you have bulging biceps or some toned definition, here are some dressing tips that will make quite a difference to your general look by maximizing the muscles you have.

Get the right fit

Finding the right fit for your body shape is crucial in sporting the illusion of muscles. It can’t be stressed enough times. If you wear too loose or tight clothes, it will tend to accentuate a slim frame. It might not be easy getting the perfect fit for you but don’t settle for less. With a perfect fit t-shirt, for instance, can work miracles in enhancing your physique.

A well-fitting suit with a red tie as an accessory is another way of showing off your physique by making the suit stand out more. In fact, slim men tend to look really attractive in suits that fit properly. The secret is also in the v-neck shape that the buttoned-up blazer creates. It creates an illusion of having broader shoulders and bigger hands while slimming the waist. Simply ensure the shoulder; arm and trouser length are on point. If you are not into standard suits, you can offset the blazer with a pair of denim jeans.

Invest in muscular pieces

It is possible to appear more muscular by just adding one detail to your outfit. There are clothes that will generally make you buffer by broadening your shoulders and slimming your waist. For instance, male trench coats are classic and sophisticated as well as muscular. They give you that extra male vibe. Similarly, jackets and blazers that are subtly padded will do. Leather jackets are also perceived as masculine and will give you the desired edge as long as it fits perfectly. You can also check out bow ties for men to pair with your dress shirt.

Stylishly wear layers

Wearing layers can work brilliantly as well as go south so fast. Therefore, tread softly and be sure to know what you are doing. You’d want to layer your clothes from thin to thick, and from light to sturdy. Similarly, you want your layers to go from light patterns and texture to stronger ones. Since all your layers should be visible, it’s only fair to coordinate them. It might pose a challenge but ones you have mastered the art, it’s actually very easy to pull off. Additionally, it not only increases your frame but also gives you a sophisticated vibe that screams style and in touch with detail. If you are not so sure, how to coordinate colors, stay within one color family. For instance, wear a light green shirt, with a jungle green cardigan, topped with a grey jacket.

Choice of textile, pattern, and color

Textile and color have a role to play in maximizing your muscles. Black, for example, is a slimming color. Therefore, if you want more definition, your best bet would be light colors. This also works best when picking out shirts and t-shirts. Go for white especially in summer seasons. Likewise, there are fabrics that add more visual bulk than others. Fabrics such as corduroy, denim, or anything rough to the touch will suggest you have more body mass than you actually do. On a sunny day, wearing a bright colored t-shirt with horizontal stripes, checks or boxes will add visual heft to your body.

Add some buff to your neck

If you are slim, chances are you have a thin neck which should not be ignored. Turtlenecks are a classic choice but there are many other options. You can get collared sweaters, funnel neck cardigan, or standing collars. You can also invest in a set of men’s designer ties rather than leaving your shirt unbuttoned.

Bottom line is, always dress to flatter your body. Try the tips mentioned and watch your image get stronger.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert