Fail-Safe Outfit Ideas for That Job Interview

After one has submitted a resume, the next thing is to hope and wait for a congratulatory message from the recipient. When it finally comes, you need to get yourself ready because you can blow away your chances of landing on that job because of a few things which you did not deem important. One of them is your dressing style.  As it is generally said, you have only one chance to make your first impression. This shows how necessary it is to invest ample time in selecting the best outfit for that interview.

Since there is no conventionally accepted type of outfit for interviews, the decision on what to go for largely depends on the type of interview you are looking forward to. Another point to note is that the level of formality differs from one organization to the other. It may also depend on the type of vocation or career. With the following tips in mind, your success is guaranteed.


Inquire from the human resources

Given that the levels of formality depend with organizations, it is good to confirm from the human resources or the receptionist about the general dress code of the employees in that company. If it is okay to be in casual, jeans may be fine but keep in mind you must be formal and clean. In most cases, they may not go to the details of describing the color to you, but it will save you from going through the stress of choosing the suitable outfit. 


Field of concern

The type of field of your career may dictate the type of attire appropriate to put on for an interview. For instance, in fields such as the field of medicine white shirts and pressed pants are ideal. Maintain a simple but polished hairstyle. Fields of arts and designs do not have a conventional way of dressing, and the choice of outfit may vary from one organization to the other.


Basically, choose an attire that will not distract the panelists. A gold bow tie, for example, might be distracting in an interview setup but will be perfect for a wedding setup. Those in the field of journalism such as news anchors, the panelist may be only interested in your top. That does not imply that you should not do a complete makeover. A blouse, blazer and a skirt are suitable. You may incorporate chunky earrings. 


Be conservative

Generally, nobody expects you to appear for an interview in a party outfit. The panelists may disqualify you simply because of the choice of your attire. When you are in doubts, it is okay to wear conservative because you do not know what may impress the interviewer. Another advantage is that conservative dressing goes well with most corporate environments.


Choice of Color

Extremely bright or dark colors will shift the focus of the interviewers. They will be distracted from concentrating on the major issues such as your strengths and qualifications, or on any other item included in your resume. Neutral colors are preferable for interviews. Colors such as black, white, gray or navy blue are okay for suits, while soft and pastel colors are ideal for shirts. Any other color that you may want to add must be kept simple. Otherwise you may seem to be arrogant  if for example you show up in a red bow tie and a multi-colored shirt.

Dress Modestly

Avoid a shirt that is too tight and unbuttoned Latino style. In short, avoid showing off too much of your skin. On the other hand, do not overdress for the occasion. In case the weather is cold, a good sweater will do. When it comes to the choice of shoes go as formal as you can.

Suits are ideal for almost every corporate environment. A well-pressed pair of pants and formal shirt will also work. Avoid shirts with logos. Also, avoid putting on t-shirts unless the company accepts employees to wear them underneath a cool blazer. Do not wear sneakers.

Choice of accessories

It is okay to incorporate a scarf or tie but ensure the colors blend well with the rest of the outfit. Avoid flashy or very expensive jewelry as this may also distract the panelists. On the same note, avoid shouting colognes and perfumes. Remember not all people love them. In case a panelist has an asthmatic or allergic condition, he or she may not be comfortable with your cologne.

Be yourself

Do not let the excitement overwhelm you. Put on that outfit that best portrays your image and professionalism. Maintain a polished professional look. This communicates a lot to the panelists on how you will interact with other employees in the company. It also helps them to get a rough idea of how you will handle clients.


Get everything ready latest the night before the interview. Thorough preparations in advance will help you identify areas you need to work on or an item you need to purchase before the actual day.
May 10, 2018 by The Tie Expert