Fashion Mistakes That Make a Man Look Older Than He Really Is

Whether you want to look younger than you really are or look great for your age, your taste in fashion plays a big role in achieving that. It is mostly assumed that it’s a woman’s affair to always look gorgeous, that assumption is wrong because men too have to look and feel their best. While pulling off a great look might come naturally to some men, to others it’s not a walk in the park.

The "others", make a majority of the group. Therefore, if you are one of them, don't worry, you are about to find out what it is you are doing wrong that is making you look older. In a bid to look both good and put together, men make fashion mistakes that actually make them look older than they are. Of course, keep in mind that your general look depends on other factors too; like eating and practicing other healthy habits.

This said, there are multitudes of sin that can be hidden or rightly exposed depending on your choice of attire. Furthermore, there’s no doubt that the 30 of today should not feel or look like the 30 of previous generations. A lot has changed and so should your fashion sense. There's nothing wrong with looking your age. In fact, if you desire, wear your graying hair as a badge of honor—which it literally is. However, style suicide is not allowed.

 It should actually be made illegal because it is being unfair to yourself—and frankly to the people looking at you. You know the feeling you get when someone mistakes you for being way older than you actually are and not because you spoke wise words? It is never pleasant. Therefore, here are some fashion mistakes you should look out for to avoid looking older.

Ill-fitting clothes

Comfort is a common reason mentioned by men who like wearing oversized clothes. It makes sense but not when the end result is sloppy rather than stylish. On the other hand, if your game plan is too tight and small clothes, you will look like a joke. Ill-fitting clothes literally drop your credibility and sex appeal by half. That includes that tripped oversized suit that you have refused to let go of; or those pants that look like they belong to your little brother. Therefore, shop for clothes that flatter your physique in all the best ways and make you looking dashingly younger.

The Unkempt beard

The unkempt beard never looks fashionable even when you are seriously going for the rough look. It makes you look older and ungroomed even when you are dressed to the nines. If it is long, it might also prevent you from wearing a bow tie which is also one of those lovely fashion pieces that could make you really stand out. Consider converting your unkempt beard into this stylish goatee, which might add definition to your face, give you identity and make you look a few years younger.

Lacking a brand

Ever heard of, one man’s food is another man’s poison? What works for one person might not work for you. Therefore, many men make fashion mistakes by not identifying themselves with their personal style. Don’t worry, you are not being asked to become a fashion icon overnight. Developing your own fashion identity is actually simple than it sounds. It is simply being connected with what you wear. This includes tweaking that style as you grow older, fatter or thinner. If your father made you wear patterned ties to the church throughout your teens, for example, as you grow older, look for a plain red tie to tone down the older look that the patterned tie might give you.

Pleated pants

Cover magazine models have definitely gotten away with wearing pleated pants. But if you are an ordinary man, with no designers at your beck and call to ensure you don’t wear your jeans twice, please steer clear of pleated pants. The tradition triple or quadruple makes you look thrice older than you really are. Why would you wear pants that are voluminous at the abdomen adding weight and age to your general appearance?  Consider modern looking pants that aren't trying to accentuate your midriff. 


Over-accessorizing gives you a cluttered look. It may also make you look older especially with a poor choice of accessories. Sometimes less is more. In this case, accessorizing less will do a lot of good for your final look. Unmatched metals look uncoordinated and distracting. A large-sized necktie, for example, can look weird, ancient and steal the show from the nice suit you are wearing. Additionally, if you choose to wear accessories, it would be great to invest in them. This is the point where you adopt the cliché, quality over quantity.

Wrong Footwear

Your choice of footwear sums up your whole look. There is nothing that could ruin an otherwise nice looking suit better than scuffed up, skanky flip-flops or simply inappropriate shoes. Oversized or wrong color of the shoe will greatly ruin your look.  Therefore, invest in a few different types of shoes for various occasions.


The fashion choices you make will have an impact on how you are seen and ultimately how you feel. Therefore, get your fashion taste right by avoiding the things listed above. You can then relax and watch as you remain youthful, sexy and stylish even when you are way past fifty.

May 08, 2018 by The Tie Expert