Fashion Rules That No Man Should Ever Break

Not every man gets fashion. For some men, fashion is a piece of cake and they are always looking like they stepped out of Vogue even when they are just at home bumming the day away. What all men need to understand is that dressing isn’t just covering nakedness, but that there are rules and guidelines to ensure that they get it right.  The worst case scenario is where a man breaks the fashion rules. When this happens they become a walking fashion disaster and woe unto them if they encounter a fashion cop who discreetly takes a picture and shames them online.

Some of the obvious fashion rules that no breathing man should ever break are as follows:-

Wearing White To A Wedding As A Guest

This is called upstaging plain and simple especially if the groom is wearing a white suit too. There are many toned downed options for suits available. Consider accessorizing once you get the ideal outfit for the wedding. Never ever consider wearing white to a wedding that isn’t yours at all. It is the worst fashion rule you can break.

Mismatch Of Belt and Shoes

When your shoes and belt fail to match, you are adding the number of patterns, material or colors your outfit has going on. This greatly makes them fail to complement each other. This is why you have to keep your belt and shoes matched so that you can minimize the busy look of your outfit.

Not Tucking Your Formal Shirt

When you walk around in a shirt and pants that that clearly need some tucking in and you haven’t tucked in, you are doing yourself a disservice. The message you will be communicating to the world says you don’t care. It might also communicate indiscipline especially if you have school-going kids who know that walking around with an untucked shirt is wrong.

Sandals With Socks

Wearing your man sandals with socks is a total no-no especially when it is summer and the sun is out. If it is winter and you want to wear your cocks for the cold, then simply consider closed shoes to keep the cold at bay. Simply leave the socks and sandals combination for kids who will absolutely adore the style because they want to stay warm during the winter days.

Tying Your Tie Wrongly

A tie is a basic staple in today’s man’s wardrobe. Knowing how to tie a tie the right way is important and makes the accessory achieve the purpose it was intended for. Most men tie it wrong because they haven't practiced it yet.  When you get that beautiful silk tie that complements your suit perfectly, do not spoil the look by tying it wrong.

Wearing Faded Clothing

Just why should you do this? Why are you hanging on to faded clothes? As much as they are nostalgic and you would want to keep those clothes forever, don't wear them.   The worst mistake you can do is wearing them to a formal event and being the eyesore. Shop around for new outfits for any event you are going to. If you already have a good outfit, you can wear it as long as it is not faded and old-looking. 

Wrong-sized clothing

Clothing that fits your body perfectly makes you look attractive and fashionable. Clothing that is loose and oversized or too small and uncomfortable is never right.  Have your outfit tailor-made for your body size if you can’t find your size out there in the market. Walking around with an ill-fitting suit will definitely make the fashion-conscious people cringe.

Lacking A Watch

This is one of those must-have men accessories that complete any man's fashion look. You are now all grown up and stepping out without an analog watch on your wrist is not right. The very fashion-conscious people will actually call it a "sin". How else are you going to own the style and up your style street credentials?

Over-spraying Your Cologne

Okay, so it cost you an arm and leg and smells wonderful but remember that when you have over-sprayed, you can be a real turn off for most people. It is your favorite scent, but it is not everyone else’s. Smelling like cologne factory wherever you go is not pleasant. You can avoid all that by spraying yourself just a little.

Wrong Tie

It is important to possess all kinds of ties from the skinny tie to the bow ties and know which occasions to wear them in. Don’t wear a bow tie to a formal interview when a normally sized tie would do perfectly. Don’t also wear the wrong colored tie and break the color coordination of all your accessories.   If it lacks in your closet, you can always go to a tie shop and find it to suit that occasion.  When you see the final effect, you will always be grateful that you made the

Fashion rules can be broken but this does not mean that you are beyond help. You can always improve after reading this article and taking note of the above pointers. But, never should you as the man ever break a fashion rule.