How To Choose The Best Tie Every Time

Men’s ties are the most common accessories and there is no counting when it comes to colors, design, cut and fabric. Choosing the best tie for an occasion is usually a great challenge even for the most experienced tie wearers. Tie-lovers will have so many in their closet and still buy that one that fascinates them when they encounter it at the stores.  Not every tie will be ideal for any suit, style or occasion which is why you should consider certain factors when choosing the tie to wear for a particular day.

Some of the factors to consider are as follows:

  1. Tie Proportion

When you look at potential ties, consider their lengths and widths. The length and width of a tie will have to be considered especially in terms of how it relates to the overall look.  Always look for a tie that is proportional to your body size. If you are a man falling under the category “big” for example, you will need a long necktie. A tie with a good length has to hide all your shirt's buttons which is why if you have a pot belly you will definitely need a long tie.

  1. Tie Colors And Patterns

Colors and patterns of the tie will often depend on the pattern of the shirt. If your shirt has a solid color or small pattern, then going for a tie with a larger design would be better. As you choose your design, ensure that your shirt’s dominant color matches the tie’s color.  The best way to match patterns of a shirt is to select a solid colored tie that matches your shirt’s dominant color.

Your occasion will also dictate your choice of tie. If you are wearing a white shirt, always chose a colored tie for the best effect especially if the occasion is a professional encounter where you are wearing a blue, black or dark-grey suit. A colored tie, in this case, will complement your suit.  

  1. Tie Knot

Something that might seem as irrelevant as the knot in the tie is actually very important. It is the knot that makes the tie. The size of your knot is key. If you don’t know how to tie a knot, you can always buy the already knotted ties. They key here is complementing the various types of shirt collars. Look at the neck of your shirt choose or create the knot that will best compliment it and make you look dressed to the nines.

  1. What IS The Occasion

The occasion you are attending could be a cocktail party, business meeting, job interview, religious meeting and so on. Just note two things in your quest for the ideal tie. A neutral tie for all formal occasions like business meetings and job interviews and a detailed design tie for all informal occasions. A silk tie, for example, would be ideal for a gala event while a showy colored tie with all manner of patterns can be ideal for a wedding even. For an office environment, a more laid-back tie with more character will be ideal.  If you are going to a kid's birthday party then a tie featuring Disney characters would be ideal.

  1. When Choosing Bow Ties

Bow ties are exciting and instantly make someone smile or look appreciatively at the wearer especially if they have gotten it right. There are many choices such as tweed, cotton, silk and denim ones. For a modern look consider a coral bow tie, maroon bow tie or a red bow tie. However, if you want to rock the classic look then a shiny, black or silk bow tie would be ideal. Just make sure you get the very best looking bow tie for the best effect.

  1. Consider your Face Shape

Face shape is also very important and often referred to as face morphology.  Wide ties with larger and longer simple knots are perfect for round faces, and large necks. Skinny ties with thinner knots, on the other hand, are for guys with a skinny neck. For average morphology guys, a medium or slim tie would be perfect. As you consider your face shape in your choice of tie, consider other factors such as complexion, hair, eyes and choose a tie that will best emphasize your best features.

The best tie for an outfit makes all the difference. A tie might seem like a trivial accessory and some men might go tieless which is really not a great decision. There is just something about this small piece of fabric known as a tie that gives off this distinguished air. A tie might make someone to be trusted or taken more seriously. It also communicates to the world that you are a man who takes fashion seriously especially if your tie is doing a great job of complimenting your suit.

May 16, 2018 by The Tie Expert