How To Match Your Watch With Your Outfit

Whether it's for the benefit of impressing your co-workers into awe, telling the time or reinventing your style, wrist watches get it perfectly done. Basically, the whole essence of wearing a wristwatch is to tell time. You also know that your smartphone can do that for you. However, there's a very fine line between the two. You might come across people wondering the reason for investing in a watch, when you can just rely on your phone, or ‘better yet' the sun.

 Well, gentlemen, you don’t want a woman to hear you say that it is a very primitive way of thinking. You are free to think as independently as you want but for your credibility’s sake, don't showcase ignorance. While building a good relationship with time is critical, your sense of style and fashion is as well. Unfortunately, most people underrate watches at a sobering rate—that is until they see a good one on a friend’s wrist.

Yes, watches are definitely one of those items that will keep you wondering why you don’t own them. And if you do, you might always find yourself coveting  your neighbors’. Well, if it’s any comfort, you are not alone in this. That is why, when choosing the watch of your desire, you should take time and think things through. Watches go way deeper than just a timepiece on the wrist. Think of people you’ve seen wearing good watches. It speaks volumes about them, right?

Think of the many times you unconsciously acknowledge someone’s watch even amidst crisis. Anyway, by now you know how much good a perfect watch can do to your life. Just like great cologne, no matter what, a nice watch commands attention. That’s why you need to stay in touch with reality and invest in one that compliments, rather than distract your style. Here are some tips you can use to match your watch with your outfit.

Less is more

If you are looking for that laid back, sophisticated, classic look, then you should embrace the first thumb rule: less is more. Once you have picked out your outfit, the perfect effect of a watch is for it to compliment it. Clearly, it’s not just time you are after. It’s evidently more about showcasing personal style. You will therefore need a watch that will not steal the show from your outfit. It should therefore be a watch with no fancy or intricate designs and there is usually no need for accompanying man bracelets. Less accessories on your wrist will be better in this case. Therefore, for the perfect outcome, be easy on the wrist. Take it up on the neck with some bowtie if you need more life.

Determine the outfit

There are different occasions you go to that need a specific type of outfit. Therefore, for you to match your watch, you should have a clear picture of the end result. It’s much easier that way, rather than working blindly. You will also benefit from having knowledge about watches. This is essential because if you are only interested in wearing a watch to a specific event or outfit, you can invest in the watch for that specific purpose. Buying your watch with the outfit in your mind also helps save resources. It prevents you from ending up with an expensive watch that just dresses one of your outfits.

Create a collection

It is definitely possible to own one watch and manipulate it to suit your outfit. Yet, sometimes you have to take the high road. This is because there are a variety of watches that suit different occasions and dressing codes. Just like there are cool bow ties best for different outfits, see? If you wear a dress watch to a sporty occasion, the watch will definitely be noticed for the major reason that it looks out of place. This is because there’s a watch for the occasion. The good news is, you don’t have to break the bank for every piece of the collection. Furthermore, there’s no pressure in buying all of them at once. Alternatively, just own a few that you will use on just a few occasions rather than matching the wrong watch to the wrong outfit.

Invest in interchangeable bands

The easiest way you can match your watch with your outfit is by seeking reference from your shoes and belt. Mostly, they will be in leather (which speaks sophistication and class), and either black or brown. With this, you can pick a watch that has leather bands with a coinciding color. Interchangeable bands will be an excellent option to match your outfit for men with a collection of shoes. A watch with a rubber band should be worn casually or sporty. While rough, worn-in leather straps will look good with jeans.

Metal compliments metal

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to watches, less is more. However, when we are talking about metal, two is better than one. If you are going for the kill, then coordinate the metal color of your watch with that of your ring, belt buckle, cuff links, or gold tie. Your watch will be more noticeable while complimenting your whole style too. It’s something subtle but makes you look keen on details.

Matching your watch to your outfit is a skill that needs to be perfected over time. Therefore, incorporate some of the things mentioned above, as well as try to innovate ways that work best for you.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert