Mad love for checks? How to wear them right

It is almost becoming a fact that most people don't know how to pair up their checks, and it's for that reason that most of you would rather look the other way when you come across them in your closets. Well, believe it or not, checks are the new "to die for" when it comes to modern style and fashion for the fall. So if you have a couple of checkered clothes in your closet and have no clue on how to wear them, here are a few tips.

Keep Them Crispy Clean

The main idea for this type of wear is to work your way around the patterned piece of clothing; could be the shirt or the tweed jacket. In whatever way, let the check stand out and in order to achieve this, make sure the other piece matches the background color of the  check of clothing you pair it with except the shirt.  So for instance, if you are wearing a tweed jacket with a pale blue over check, you could add a navy blue sweater and pants then keep the shirt white to create a gentle statement with a different kind of cue that works perfectly well. You can complete it with a navy bow tie if you are going for that serious cocktail look. This look is definitely a killer and modern one too and the best part is it’s very easy to pull off.

Patterned checks

This is one of the most used styles of wearing checks and to be honest it is quite simple than most people think. The secret is to wear it with an un-patterned clothing, mostly a knitwear would do. This knitwear will act as the bridge for the patterns, a neutral zone of the sort and more importantly, it should be the same color as the check thus must match the background color of the check. To accessorize it, add a tie or scarf with a rather neutral color gives the clue a lilt taste and some matching contrast that balances the tie/scarf with your jacket. If you want to achieve this completely, stick to single tones of color to make the wear blended.

Layered up checks

The best part of this look is wearing the checks in different shades and tones to create a unified look. It is recommended that you layer up with one plain garment to go easy on the eye and allow them to settle on the checks with its different shades. At this point, you also need to be careful not to overdo the checks and layer up so many of them it can even be confusing. You could use a scarf of a lighter tone to break the monotony and avoid the checks looking so dense and boring.

Checked in formal wear

Checkered clothes will always come with rules especially if you are dressing for work or going to a formal function. The key rule when it comes to this is to keep the bigger checks tonal and avoid a single tone all the way. However, for a less formal occasion like a night out, then don’t keep any rules, go bold and explore. Always ensure you go for the window paned checks for suits thus those that are clearer and the suit could be a three-piece to be precise. In another instance, if suits aren't your thing, then you could opt for checkered blazers and top it up with a solid shirt or collared tee with chino pants.

Casual checked

When it comes to casual for those of you who love checks, it’s an all in affair; from summer checks like window paned checks, gingham checks, tom tom checks (bigger than gingham checks) to bright block checks. These combinations, however, can only work well if paired with bright colors or black for men.  The red and black is a classic checkered combination and could be paired with a crew neck and denim and sneakers. If not to forget, checks also go well for casual bottom wear like a pair of shorts.

Trouser suit

This has become the modern trendy look for most stylists across the globe. Its defining style is that it can be accessorized with almost anything; could be the brightly colored shoulder man bag, a cowboy hat or one of those men’s designer ties. Whatever it is, it always works. The beauty of this look is that it’s simple but classy and the tones are not so hard on the eye and blend perfectly well.

Conclusively, checks during this fall are the only type of wear that will keep you in style, that subtly checkered shirt that you always kept it in the closet or the tweed jacket will finally find a better use. For a completely casual look, a checkered waistcoat with chino denim and sneakers would definitely work. The most simple and cool wear, you could either go bold or stick to prints.

May 10, 2018 by The Tie Expert