Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Man Accessories

A mere house can be transformed into a beautiful home by using home décor accessories. It is the same way accessories will provide subtle touches and tie up your entire outfit in a great way. Surprisingly, most men underrate accessories and wholly forgo them. Many giving the reason that pulling off a great comfortable look isn’t so easy. Some even go as far as stating that real men don't wear accessories. Gentlemen, that's an ignorant man talking.

 Yes, it can get confusing and go as far as depressing. For instance questions like how much is enough or how do you know the ones to wear may arise and you might feel cornered. But don’t sweat it anymore; if you are one of them, this is the right article for you. As much as accessories will beautifully lighten up your outfit, they can also dull it when worn wrongly. However, the situation doesn’t have to be complicated anymore.

There are different types of accessories. For example men's watches, rings, cufflinks, men's neckties, tie clips, men's hats, socks, belt, scarf, sunglasses and so on. As you can tell, you have many options to choose from. But, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to use them all. In fact, you can easily nail an outfit with just a few. Meanwhile, since it boils down to confidence, here are some mistakes you should avoid in your effort to look ravishing.

Negative mentality

The first accessory mistake most men make is by thinking that it only a woman’s affair. That is so miles from the truth since accessories have so much to offer to men as well as women. There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a necklace or bracelet, as long as it is appropriately chosen. Furthermore, negative mentality leads to confidence problems. As an individual, you will find it difficult to wear something you are not confident in.

 This will ultimately affect your general appearance since you might hold back too much. Therefore, before you even think of what type of accessories you need, ensure that you are open-minded in order to get the best results. Reason being, if you think you don't look great in that hat, that vibe will rub off on the people around you. And would you want to guess who people will think looks hideous in a hat? In using accessories, confidence is key. Be open-minded, take up a new style and confidently rock it!

Ignoring your environment

To some men who care less about fashion, clothing to them is just a transition from nude to not-nude. With such a mentality, you can get away with certain style mistakes. But if you mind how you look, it is wise to be connected to your environment while picking out the accessories to use. At no point should you use accessories just for the sake of using? For instance, while your scarf might bring a billion dollar look out of your outfit, you shouldn't wear it during summer.

 In the same spirit, you shouldn't wear shades at night. The occasion you are attending influences your accessory choices. For instance, to remain respectful during a funeral, your accessories should be very subtle. If you ignore your environment, chances are your style choices will always be a turn-off. If not for your sake, then mind about other people who are considering using accessories and hoping to look at you for inspiration. Don't discourage them by doing a shoddy job of accessorizing.

Wearing oversized accessories

It is a good thing if you are already wearing accessories. That shows how confident you are. However, you want to get the best out of them, therefore, choosing the right size for you is key. A big watch may look good on your friend’s wrist but will it be your best option? To be more confident about the accessories you will wear, ensure you get the ones proportional to your size. Oversized rings or necklaces will look overwhelming. Keep in mind, the essence of wearing accessories is to complement and sum up your outfit.

Over accessorizing

Getting back to the basics, an accessory is something that is added to an outfit to make it more useful or attractive. You shouldn't over accessorize since it takes all the attention away from your main outfit. Over-accessorizing is a major style killer, keeping it simple is the best way.  For example, if it is a suit you are wearing, it should always be the focal point. Additionally, when you are done, you should look put together and have everything complementing each other. Sont let your fancy gold tie, for example, compete for attention with the design of your suit. Always keep in mind that there's always one star of the show, everything else is a supporting act.

Ignoring your skin tone

Most men don’t pick out accessories according to their skin tone, which is wrong. People have different skin tones that look great with certain metal and textile. Simply try out different pieces to determine what looks best on you.

To accessorize properly, stick to few ‘loud' accessories and let them coincide with your outfit. Remember to also trust your instinct. If you feel you are overdoing it, then cut it down. It is possible to create a unique style with just a few accessories.

May 08, 2018 by The Tie Expert