Modern Ways Of Wearing A Suit

The suit, a common outfit worn in 90% of the offices has undergone various changes since it was first invented but for a while now it has maintained its look except for the fabrics and patterns. Most suits might seem cliché but you will be surprised to learn that world class designers are always looking for ways to style the man suit and give the wearer a unique flair.

Some unique modern ways that you can make your suit unique are as follows:-

  1. Wearing It With Half-Zip Top

If your suit look is too sharp and you want to tone down the formality a little, the half-zip top should be your option. After your shirt, the half-zip top follows and then your suit jacket comes last. This is an ideal option especially if you want to look stylish when the weather is a bit cool.  You can leave your suit jacket unbuttoned or keep it buttoned, you can also leave your half-zip top buttoned or unbuttoned. Either way, you will still look stylish.

  1. A Fine-Knit Cardigan For Your Suit Jacket

This is a great way to look stylish and formal.  There is no harm in exchanging your standard-issue jacket for a similar colored cardigan. Just make sure it fits and flatters your physique. A wool cardigan is the better choice in this case.

  1. Different Colors

Who says a suit has to be one color throughout. You can choose two of your favorite colored suits and take a blazer from one and pants from the other and don them.  Just make sure the colors complement each other and result in this stylish gentlemanly look. It is the perfect way of having fun with your suits.

  1. Add A Sports Look

You can decide to wear your suit with your polo shirt so that after work, you can always drop by at the club and play some golf. You can also wear your suit with your loafers for an additional sporty look and also to soften up the sharpness of the suit. However, choose nothing fancy, remember you are dressing formal with a touch of casual, so you should choose sporty footwear that comes close.

  1. With A V-neck Top

A V-neck top will act as a shirt inside your suit. It brings out this manly sexy look and does a great job of toning down the formal look if that is your intention. Choose a V-neck top with a color that will compliment your suit and make sure it fits properly so that your suit jacket can slide in without issues. Nothing bulky to cause any kind of bulging. Any bulges visible are always a fashion faux- pas which you definitely don't want.

  1. With A Distinctive Bow Tie

With the versatility of bow ties compared to the traditional neckties, you will have a lot to choose from. You can design to go for a silk bow tie, a colored bow tie, could be the standard black bow tie or you could go for a unique color like a burgundy bow tie or a red bow tie. You can even decide to go for the double bow tie for a more unique look. The bow tie with your suit could be or could not be the standard look you like to spot. Do they know you as “the guy with the bow tie?” if yes, take it a notch hire and experiment with different bow ties. If not, maybe it is time to spot a bow tie with your suit to that formal event.

  1. Patterns! Patterns!

You can decide to steer clear of plain colors and go for patterned suits or patterned shirts and bow ties. Make sure if your suit is patterned your shirt is plain colored and vice versa. You don't want your outfit to look too busy for the eye. Patterns shouldn't rule throughout, there should be a contrast with a solid color. Patterns vary, from pinstripes to checked, polka dots and so on. When you pull off patterns beautifully, everyone who meets you will be very appreciative.

  1. Wear With Accessories

Why should you wear your suit without any accessories? You don't want to look just like any other office drone with a suit. You can style yours up and make yourself stand out. Consider accessories like cufflinks, bowties, pocket handkerchief, a flower, bling and so on. There is a lot you can do for your suit and it doesn’t have to be plain. Who says you can’t be the trendsetter in your office or neighborhood. Don’t be surprised when you see guys within your neighborhood or at your workplace, spotting a flashy bow tie on their blazer just like yours.

Wearing your suit should make you feel great.  Why should you stick to the old standard 19th-century suit and tie when you can make it more interesting? Wear your suit in style, make every day you wear that suit count and the above ideas should steer you in the right direction.
May 16, 2018 by The Tie Expert