New Suit Trends of 2018

Suave and dapper, suits are one of those indispensable essentials that every man must own. And just like any other fashion trend, this too gets recycled and revamped over the years. While the ideal tailored suit has been relatively basic over the years, some trends have been quite big and boastful. Let’s just say that the time to experiment with style is right now and you wouldn’t want this moment to pass!

  1. Spring Mayhem

 Imagine spring and think about all the things that pop in front of you. Almost like rekindling every sense, floral suits are definitely a call-out for those day soirés. Subtle colours, muted prints and lots of sass, these suits have it all. Since the prints are arresting enough, always remember to balance the look out with soft accessories like a neutral shirt and tie. That way, you’ve got your thumb-rules right and would ace it at every step!



  1. Funk It Up

Let us bend the rules here a bit by pairing neutral coloured jackets and pants with a boisterous shirt that would add so much spark to your look. Keep things bright and make this a wardrobe staple to don in the day enhance your fashion game! Go for pop-arts, loud prints and unusual colours to really extract the best of this look. Trust us, you won't regret it!



  1. The Double-Breasted Beauty

At the end of the day, aren't we all just suckers for the classic way of doing things and the double-breasted coat is that weakness for us! Go for evergreen shades of blues, blacks, browns and greys to bring out the true character of this style. Don't forget to add that perfect tie to your look to make it complete. And we have to say that the basic accessories look tremendous with a double breasted suit which is always a brownie point!


  1. Go Green

Possibly underrated, Greens are a great way to process change and bring in life to your look. Tailored to perfection, a Green Suit adds so much spunk to your wardrobe. Double it with a great pair of formal shoes and a neutral tie or pocket square to really bask in its glory.




  1. The Trivial 3-Piece

Sticking to what we know best, the 3 piece will never be recycled. And the stature of this suit is elevated further by adding the power of white to it! Experimenting with materials like linen is another great way to cut down on the bulkiness of the 3-Piece suit but it is also important to understand that its beauty lies in it structure! This suit will add all the oomph to your closet, as per your taste, and keep itself timeless through the ages!



May 08, 2018 by The Tie Expert