Noteworthy Style Rules For The Skinny Guy

As a skinny man, it is possible to create an appealing masculine impression by wearing the right clothes. You don’t have to look like  John Cena for you to look great when you dress up, you only need to understand a few style tips to make your skinny frame stand out and command the respect of all those fashion critics that you meet. Outlined further, are some style rules you need to consider when choosing your attire as a skinny guy.  

  1. Ditch The Clothes That Make You Seem Frail

All those clothes in your wardrobe that make you look like you are weak should go. This means any over-sized and billowing clothes that make you seem like a real live skeletal scarecrow.  If you have been thinking that the oversized clothes will hide skinny your frame, just know that they do the opposite. You actually get lost in them and look frail. Skin tight clothes also make you look frail by accentuating your skinny frame. 

Instead of such clothes consider choosing clothes that fit you well without billowing or tightening anywhere. A good tailor can create the best outfit for you after taking your measurements. A nice and comfortably-fitting outfit will transform you from frail-looking skinny guy to strong and confident-looking skinny guy.

  1. Multiple Layers Work In Your Favor

This doesn’t mean that you wear thick layers one after the other such as three thick sweaters.  Instead, consider layering your clothing from thin to thick or light to sturdy. Begin with the lightest fabric and then let it get thicker with each layer on top. When the layers are combined they will make a great difference. You also shouldn’t wear more than four layers, lest you look over-dressed. It could be a t-shirt on the inside, a shirt, a sweater and finally a coat.  Let each visible layer complement the others for the best effect.

  1. Choose A Single Item To Make You Look Stronger

You can instantly appear stronger by just wearing one specific clothing. This could be a nice-fitting blazer, a sports coat, a suit jacket. Ensure that the jacket you choose makes you look muscular and accentuates your male form. If your jacket has padding for example, then it will create this sharp edge where your shoulder begins slumping down. However, be careful with padding. It should not be too exaggerated because it might end up having the opposite effect. A good jacket or blazer will give you this broad look at the shoulders and taper nicely down your waist. This will definitely make you look not only masculine but stronger.

  1. Fabrics Should Add Bulk

The right fabric will add visual bulk to your body. Consider textured fabrics like tweeds, corduroys, flannels, denim, glen check and many others. Any clothing with fabric that seems a little rough will automatically give the impression of more bulk.  If you have to go for knits make sure they are thick knits which are ideal for your winter fashion or simply casual wear.

  1. A Beefier Neck

Don't just think about your arms, chest, abs, and legs when you think about beefing up. A sturdy-looking neck is also important when it comes to looking courageous and strong. A thin neck communicates weakness or cowardice on the other hand. A skinny guy, your neck is probably long and thin, but don't worry you can make it look shorter and studier with the right clothing.  Consider wearing turtlenecks,  zip necks, shawl collars, stand-up collars, funnel necks and anything top with a sturdy collar.

  1. Colors And Patterns Work

It is obvious that darker colors make you slimmer which you don’t want because you are already skinny. This is why lighter colors such as beige, pastels or white can have a positive effect by making you look a little heftier.

As for patterns, horizontal stripes can make your shoulders seem broader and your chest larger.  You can also consider checks and boxes which effectively add that visual heft to your look.  Even as you choose your neckties, ensure that it has this bold pattern that blends with your jacket or shirt and also gives you a strong look.

  1. Look Confident

Your strength and character don't only show physically, you have to let people see it in you too from the way you carry yourself. A strong outward presentation should go neck to neck with your inner strengths. Dress to impress but also exude confidence. As you wear that nice-fitting suit and tie, speak and walk confidently with your head held high. Let your first impression always be positive and don’t give anyone any reason to think you are weak and incapable just because you are skinny.

The days of wishing for a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger's are gone. As you work out to achieve that body, also make your current body stand out in a positive way by dressing it up well. The above style tips should steer you in the right direction. Be that skinny guy who always rocks a great look.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert