Dressing Large

Being a big man is perfect. There is no reason why anyone should feel bad because of their body. Isn't it interesting to know that even the stylists consider the extra large and has specific guide style for big bodied men?  A leading rule in dressing is to present your body in the best and most flattering way possible. Forget about the miracle products or life-changing purchases. Just pick your outfit right.  

Like plus-size women, their male counterparts also deal with more than their fair share of issues. From the constant jeers, sarcasm and mean comments, to the difficulty in finding something right to wear. Most of them wish to shed off some pounds to dress well. You do not have to wait until you are that ‘ideal' body weight. Dress to kill right now as you are, and you will be happy you lived today. You can still adorn that expensive suit to impress, complement with a piece carefully selected from the men designer ties in the market today and step out in style.  Here are some style rules for large men.

1. Right fit

For large men, the right fitting is crucial. All clothes should fit well and correctly. Though bulges, sagging, and wrinkled garments make anyone look sloppy, the effects are worse on large men as it is amplified. Men that are generous in size attempt to disguise their physique by dressing up in oversized clothes often. It does not work. Baggy garments on large men not only water down your appearance, but they also draw unnecessary attention to your weight and make you look unkempt.


Since you do not want anything that will make you uncomfortable or tamper with your mood and confidence, invest in the right-fitting attire.  Before purchasing any piece of garment, ensure the cloth fits well. It should not hang loosely or be too tight. If getting a perfect fit from the store is an uphill task, get a good tailor to do the amends for you to your exact size.


  1. Keep it simple

    A large person already has a lot going on. Simple outfits are best for big bodied men as they already have an imposing presence. Overdressing or having gears with a lot of patterns have an overwhelming effect on large men. To compliment your shape, go for broad spaces, lightly striped shirts, solid-color jackets among others. A bow tie in your closet will come in handy when you need to attend those special occasions.

    Wear shirts that drape over the waist that does not require to be tacked in your trousers. This is because the shirts will de-emphasize focus on the waistline. Button-fronted summer shirts and polos do justice to big men. It is crucial to understand that for better results, the fitting should be perfect with clear cuts. The shirts should have round even hems.

    3. Pick the right accessories

Accessories help people with big bodies appearance if worn well. Large ties work well as most people associate them with ‘power'. Use your size to your advantage. When wearing a watch, pay attention to the size of the face. Keep it significant as a small faced watched will look out of place and not proportional to your body size.  A good hat will help you gain more vertical space if you are short or medium in height. Just make sure it is stylish and matches the rest of the outfit. It also gives the impression that you put more effort into the dressing.

Try suspenders if you have to tuck in. Apart from the expensive look it gives, suspenders help the trousers fall in a smooth drape and gives you a continuous look. Avoid belts if you can as they do not do good to men with large bellies.

  1. Lightweight clothes

Heavy clothes will make you look bulky. With weight issues to deal with, the last thing a large man wants is an impression that you are bigger than your actual size.  Thick clothing makes you look bigger. Most, though not all big men, struggle with the sweating issues. Since heavy clothes keep in heat, you may experience excessive sweating which is uncomfortable. An excellent woolen pair of trousers works better than jeans anytime for big bodied men. A piece of fabric in clean lines, light, and smooth will make you feel and look better compared to heavier clothes.


Large men need to remember to always keep off busy patterns or graphics unless on small items like accessories that help divert attention to other areas. Only Santa can keep long facial hair and get away with it.


 Ensure your face is well-groomed all the time. If you want to maintain an impressive image, as a big-bodied man, you have no option but keep your beard neatly trimmed and your hair in order. A big guy with hair all over the face looks tacky and will most often pass as a slob. It gets worse when you throw in a wrong necktie in the style. With good maintenance and correct choice of clothes, you will not only be impressive, but stylish as well.
May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert