Reasons Why Men Should Ignore Fashion Trends

Men with their own fashion styles that define who they are should never fall prey to trends. Stylish men often love wearing what they want and not just because all guys are spotting the look or that fashion magazine said that it is the ideal look. When the rest of the world is starry-eyed over fashion trends, such men don’t even bat an eyelid and never even feel bad about it. Men’s fashion styles are usually unique and most trends seriously don’t do fashion justice.

More reasons why men should ignore fashion trends are as follows:

  1. You Have Your Own Fashion Taste

Those trends that everyone is mad about were started by someone and that makes them their identity and not yours. If you are copying someone else's look that means you lack identity. Men who have their own way of dressing shouldn't change it just because a trend came up. No new style that takes over the market is worth losing one’s own fashion identity over. Men with their own identity should continue with it and turn a blind eye on the passing trend of the moment.

  1. Trends Are Like Bonfires

A trend that comes out might be cool this season only to die out even before the season is over. Like bonfires, they light up in a big way become so popular but then eventually stop being hot. Since they don’t last, buying that outfit is usually not worth it because you will not wear it next season. Instead, you will be forced to buy clothes that are trending during that season lest you risk looking backward in last season’s style.

  1. The Curse Of Mass Production

 Just think about going out in your new outfit and seeing a good number of people out there wearing an exact similar outfit as yours.  It is the real world brother and not high school or the workplace where you have to wear a uniform. Men should be striving to stand out fashion-wise not look uniform. Wearing identical clothes is not a cool thing for men.  A man has to stand out and show off his own unique fashion taste.  

  1. Trends Are Not For All

Most trends aren't like the standard suit and tie which is for everyone. For example, ripped jeans have been trending and everyone was wearing them. However, the mature man in his 30s or 40s cannot wear them because they are inappropriate. A T-shirt with a very low V-neck could also be a trending, but honestly, not everyone will be comfortable wearing that. Which is why men should stick to their own fashion identity rather than risk looking ridiculous courtesy of a “hot” trend.

  1. Men Need Clothes That They Can Wear To Work

Focused men who go to work, attend business meetings and make real and honest money are definitely not slaves to trends. They love dressing in what is appropriate for their lifestyle and work. Most fashion trends showcased on runways are definitely not for the everyday man who works and makes an impression at the workplace every day.

  1. It is Never About The Men

When these trends come about, it is just for the sole purpose of making someone rich or richer than they currently are. When that single design of clothing is mass-produced and sold in stores worldwide, the trendsetter is always smiling all the way to the bank. The man on the ground then strives to wear and impress with the trending clothes until they tire and feel that the clothes don’t belong to them. Most men will admit that often times trending clothes aren’t even made with the common man in mind. Often times following the trends starts becoming this difficult task and most men will find themselves reverting back to their old comfortable style.

  1. The Budget Issue

Not all men can clean out their wardrobe every time a new fashion trend hits the market.  No man should ever feel bad when they can't spend as much as everyone is spending on the new fashion. With bills to pay and difficult economic times that require all the money that a man can make, worrying over trends seems trivial. With tight budgets, most men manage to look fashionably tasteful with their usual selection of clothing and few men in their right mind will actually willing incur an extra expense on clothes that they clearly don’t need.

  1. The Fashion Evolution Issue

Most earning men are older and tend to evolve in terms of style and taste. The truth is that most fashion trends today are for teenage bodies. As much as some clothes might be trending they might not be complimenting a man’s evolved style and taste.  A trend like that shouldn’t even be considered. With most men being more aware and transforming their dressing ways from sloppy to fashionable and tasteful most of their wardrobe will speak one word, "maturity" which is a far cry from most of the cringe-worthy designs that fall under trends.

Men who love fashion should not become victims of trends. Instead, they should develop their own styles and create their own trends to make them stand out more. This can only be achieved if they ignore most fashion trends which are anything but fashionable.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert