Should You Wear A Double Breast or Single-Breasted Jacket

Double breast jackets came to fame through the Duke of Windsor who made it his signature look. Unlike the single-breasted jackets which are common and anyone can get away with, double breast suits take formal dressing to another level.  The double-breast jackets were initially called ‘refer jackets' because of its nautical background. Single breast suits jackets are more common and modern. They are also to simple wear and pull through by any man whether they are keen on fashion or not.

You almost look lost if you wear a double breast without a tie. It seems incomplete. Again, this is not for everyone. Here are some guides to help you when choosing which suit to wear.

Body Type
It is crucial to understand your body type, and what works for you before investing in an outfit. Men fall under the common body types, an inverted triangle, triangle, rectangle, or average build, also known as the trapezoid.

Double-breasted jackets work well for the inverted triangle build man. This is because the wrap around at the coat accentuates their waist area making it look bigger than reality. Since men with this body type have broad shoulders and a small waist, the jacket works well as the details are around the midsection of the body.

An average man gets away with anything; hence a double breast is good if you want to make a fashion statement in the most formal tone. 

Single breast suits are the most common and come in all cuts and fittings. Regardless of your body type, you will find something in the stores, and if not, a good tailor can bring out what you need.

Triangle shaped men should, however, keep off double-breasted jackets as they bring the attention around the waist hence less flattering. A well-fitting single breast suit with extra padding at the shoulders works well for this body type. Men's designer ties with reasonable details will do justice to the final look.

The event or occasion you are dressing for dictates what you will wear to a large extent. Jackets or blazers are for official purposes, though some designs work for semi-casual functions.

A double breast looks off when worn to a semi-formal event or setting. As the wearer, you do not want to appear over-dressed when all other people look comfortable and relaxed. However, it is perfect for a boardroom meeting or meeting investors. If you are always in the meeting rooms or out trying to woo investors to come on board, and your body shape allows, invest in some pieces of double-breasted suits.

Single breast suits are versatile and come in a variety that suits all occasions. With the variety of colors in the stores, you will find one for any event. There are various styles and cuts as well.


Not everyone is daring. Some styles call for courage, like the double breast jackets. The style depicts boldness and authority. This is not the look for the shy guy who loves the corner seat and would rather slide in and out of a room quietly. To pull through a double breast jacket well, you need a high-level sense of style or help from a designer and lots of confidence.

There are men known well for their love of formal wear, if you are one of them, then consider double breast jackets if you have not.

If you a casual wearer, pulling a double breast look will appear a tall order. You may need to transition slowly. Single breast jacket will be a great place to start as you progress towards the very formal look.

Double breast suits are also considered a bit ancient and old-fashioned. To get it right today, one has to have a broad sense of style. If you love keeping it current and you are too conscious of other people’s opinion, stick to the single breast jackets that everyone can relate to. Double breasts are for the bold personality who wish to chat their style and do not like conformity to the norm.

Single breast jackets rule the fashion world since after its emergence during the World War 2. They are the most popular. Many stores do not stock the double breast jackets. It needs a little more attention and insight than the single breast. A double breast has extra material that makes it fold over from the left to the right side. The classic and original blazer came in six buttons, three on each side, though we have other versions with four buttons now. Two on each side.

Unlike single jackets, the double breasts are warmer with the extra material making it better for cold areas or seasons. Since another dress rule for double breast is that you keep it buttoned up always, it works best for the chilly days too. Since the double breast suit is a fashion statement on its own, you can keep your necktie and shirt more conservative.
May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert