Style Lessons to Learn from the World’s Best Male Fashion Icons

In different aspects of life, it is far much efficient learning from others, compared to starting blindly on your own. Honestly, there’s no way to overestimate the power of continuously and actively learning from others. In that regard, you can surprisingly gain a lot by looking at other people’s style. Pulling off a great look and simultaneously remaining true to who you are might seem very easy. All you have to do is put a shirt and pair of pants together, right? Well, reality things otherwise. Clothes go deeper than covering your nudity or providing warmth. It has the power to give a brand. It is able to give you a name and an identity. Have you ever had the fantasy of becoming a prince or king overnight? Your seemingly ‘fairytale’ might come into reality. Get your style game right and people (even if it’s just your social cycle, hoping you take them as people) will brand you the prince of street style, Italian wear, or whichever style you want to be associated with.

Therefore, considering the diversity of men’s fashion, it would be wise to take inspiration from people who are having it right. The easiest and best way to put your own fashion game and, conclude on what you like and apply it in your wardrobe is by learning from icons. From that point, it is much easier to improvise and own a certain look. Moreover, you will cut yourself some slack that comes with plenty of trials (and a lot of error) before finding your style. Many celebrities still stay in the limelight because of their style and the brand it has made for them. With that said, there are many fashion icons you can learn from which makes it hard to pin down the true current icon. However, the following list consists of random legends that have made a name for themselves with their looks.

  1. Conor McGregor

Lesson: dress with confidence

The Irish UFC champion not only gets it right in the ring but also in his closet. In fact, he even made headlines for it. Conor was ranked as one of the best-dressed men in British GQ's list of 50 most stylish men in the world. Amazingly, he doesn’t dress to put on a show to anyone, he just does his thing and your jaw is left dropping. He is incredibly unapologetic and daring about his choice of style. And that's probably why he is fourth on the list. His fashion represents power and confidence as well as flamboyance. Not everyone can get away with what he wears, but it is his attitude and audacity that has brought the perfection in his style. He reminds you to get out of your dressing-comfort-zone and get open-minded about what you wear in order to stand out.

  1. Ryan Gosling

Lesson: dress to impress

A rather obvious choice but couldn't go unmentioned. Ladies may love him for his good looks (and another list of things women like because he has it all), but men admire this star for his sense of style. He rocks it in a suit as well as in a pair of jeans. Gentlemen, it has nothing to do with how much money he has. It’s about figuring out what suits you best and wear to impress and nothing less. Gosling gives you an example of settling for nothing less than perfection. Whether it’s walking the red carpet or the streets, the guy has it rolling. He provides a remarkable inspiration for anyone who is seeking to boost their own appearance. If that is you, then follow up on his style.

Pharrell Williams

Lesson: always remain cool

Love him or hate him, the vocalist remains at the top of his game both in music and fashion. There's nothing Pharrell can't do when it comes to fashion. He shows you how much clothes can be fun. That they should reflect your personality and that rules, after all, are not so bad when broken. When taking his path, confidence is vital and ensure to get the mark: keep cool and have fun.

Stanley Tucci

Lesson: get the tailoring right

When you hear of Stanley Tucci, suits come to mind. Tucci always wears a white shirt with immaculately fitting suits. His suits and off-duty looks are always sharp and considered classic. If you want a simple and straightforward but dashing look, search no further, he's the guy for you.

As a bonus, also check out Zayn Malik, David Beckham, Jeff Goldblum (if you are looking for consistency and ease), and Donald Glover sense of style. But above all, remember to add in your personality.



May 10, 2018 by The Tie Expert