Style Tips That All Men Should Adopt

A man’s daily life is usually affected by his manner of dressing. Forget the misleading notion that it doesn't matter what you look like as long as you perform. A man should always be aware of his basic looks every single day because they will determine how he will be perceived and welcomed when meeting others for the first time or whether or not he will be stopped and harassed in other circumstances. It is always worth a man's time when he dresses sharp and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.  To help men get their look and style right, outlined below are useful style tips to get them started. 

  1. Button Up the Right Way

Before you begin to button up your suit, ensure that you are standing up.  It is essential that your suit button is done correctly. If it's a one-button suit, make sure the button is always fastened. As for two button suit jackets, fastening the top button only will work just fine. Three buttoned suits only require you to button the middle button but in some cases, you can still button the top button if you deem it necessary.

For the three suit types, the bottom button is never buttoned up for the purposes of convenience when it comes to movement. The same rule will apply for double-breasted jackets as well. How you button up will either make or break the suit look. Always do it right to avoid ruining the look.

  1. Tie and Pocket Square Should Never Match

Ties and pocket squares are timeless and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. When choosing your tie and pocket square, never choose the same color or pattern. A similar color for the tie and pocket square will never achieve that stylish effect. Let them be different but blend perfectly with the suit color and each other.

  1. Shoes And Suit Should Be Top Quality

There is no way you will wear an expensive suit and cheap shoes or vice versa. The effect would be anything but classy or elegant. Your shoes and suit should complement each other. When someone is appraising you from head to toe, let them feel that your suit and shoes belong together. Never compromise on quality when it comes to these two lest you risk looking sloppy. Just keep in mind that quality is a great investment in your confidence and yourself.

  1. Get Your Man Bag Right

You can’t wear shoes and a suit of stellar quality then ruin the look with a backpack. Backpacks have been known to cause damage to the shoulder area of your suit, both on the inside and outside. You don’t want to weather the shoulders of your expensive suits by carrying a backpack to work every day. Instead of a backpack consider carrying a briefcase, an attaché or a messenger bag. The mentioned bags will make your look even better.

  1. Get Your Necktie Placement and Length Right

You can lose proportionality with the wrong placement and length of your necktie. Your Necktie should always point at the middle of your belt buckle. As for the length, it should always cover all the buttons of your shirt and still point to the middle of your belt buckle. For big bodied men, their longer torsos will require a longer-sized tie to achieve proportionality. If you think going to all that trouble getting the length and placement right is too much, you can always go for the bow tie which will still serve a good stylish purpose.

  1. Belt And Trousers Should Always Match

If you are thinking that your belt is just that piece of leather holding your pants in place, then you are mistaken.  The belt is actually a very important style feature that enhances sophistication in the whole look. Your belt should never create contrast too much lest you risk looking odd. If your trousers are dark, then your belt should be darker and if your pants are lighter, on the other hand, your belt should follow suit in order to create this continuity and not break the color. 

  1. Some Suits Shouldn’t Be Worn Without Matching Trousers

Some suit jackets and pants can be worn without their matching counterparts but others just cannot. Such suits have to be worn together and wearing them separately just results in this weird mismatched look. You will have to consider factors like suit color and texture to decide if you can wear them separately. But for those that can’t be separated don’t even try to because it will be the perfect case of breaking up a menswear marriage. 

Style is important in today’s world. This is not the time to resign yourself to being the man that dresses badly. Join the ranks of stylish men and become the fashion icon in your own right.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert