Suit Colors That Should Be in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Every man needs a few suits in their wardrobes regardless of their career or personality. There are some occasions in one's life that will call for dressing in a suit, even if you hardly do. While at it, get a few pieces of men's neckties to match.

Financial needs are always beckoning hence getting all the suits one would wish for is impossible. Also, waiting until the need to adorn a suit before getting one is not a wise idea. Things happen, and you may miss a vital engagement simply because you did not have the required outfit.

Therefore, every man needs to be ready in season and out of season. Be always prepared with sets of suits in your wardrobe for those special occasions. It will not cost you a fortune if you start to stock your closet early enough, suit by suit. Some suit colors are more versatile and friendly than others. Have these suit colors in your wardrobe and save yourself those embarrassing moments of attending functions with the wrong outfits.

1. Navy blue suit

Navy blue suit is the de facto suit color. At least in the US. No suit shop misses the navy blue in their stock at any given time; hence no man should lack it in his wardrobe. This is for the man, or the days you want to fit in but would also want to show some effort that you put. The color is straightforward and simple hence can accommodate some fashion-forward details.

Another significant advantage of the navy suit is its versatility. You can wear it to most of the formal engagements and matches many shirts and ties. It also makes you look a few years younger. A rule to remember is to get the right fit.

2.  Charcoal Grey Suit

The versatility of the charcoal grey suit matches the one for the navy.  Unlike the navy, the grey suit makes the wearer look older. For the young who would not mind a little more age added, it is perfect. You may also need to attend a meeting where you will interact with some polished men who are advanced in age. This is a safe bet as you want to fit in and make them feel at home with you in their midst.

You can also experiment with various colors if you are the adventurous type. Since grey is not a color, it gives room for pairing with almost any shirt and tie, depending on the occasion and taste. It is perfect for church, work, funerals, weddings or meeting any dignitary, the president included.

3. Medium Grey Suit

Its versatility almost matches the charcoal grey; the medium grey suit is lighter hence not as formal as the navy blue and charcoal grey suits.

The three suits can have different details if you wish.

4. Black suit

Though works best for men with dark complexion and hair, every man should own a black suit. For formal occasions like a black tie event, this suit is handy. Just ensure that the suit is indeed black, and not a shade of dark grey as many people confuse. It may be in stack contrast with most things that you would put on. For parties though, a black suit offers the best base to accessorize. All you need in most occasions is a white shirt with a bow tie of your choice.

Since funerals are naturally black suits events, conform to the dressing rules. You do not want to go for such a gathering with an outfit that is in complete contrast with all others.  

5. Dark brown suit

Dark brown is not an all occasion suit, though good to have. It also comes in handy when you need to add some color. Like the black suit, the dark brown suit works best for men with dark hair and complexion. When wearing it, remember it is not a formal suit hence keep it out of very formal events.

Some companies have a stringent formal dress code. Do not wear the brown when interacting with such organizations at any level, if you want to come through as a respectable person.

6. Tan/ Khaki Suit

Though not a must have, a khaki suit is good to have. It comes very handy for semi-casual parties, or events. This suit works perfectly for men who are always in formal suits. It adds some spice to an all solemn wardrobe. If the weather is favorable, as this suit is best for warm days, match it with the right shirt and tie. For low contrast men, this is a perfect choice. Its lack of color will not overpower neutral features.

7. Patterned suit

You do not want to be predictable always, do you? This suit gives you the opportunity to break the norm and still maintain the seriousness that dressing demand. While it is good to belong, it does not hurt to stand out from the crowd once in a while. It is a perfect pick when you need all the attention your side, like doing a presentation.

Your suit collection should be appropriate for any occasion. Without the right knowledge, one would end up with many pieces that you hardly touch. This collection will have you ready for any event. All you will need is pick a matching shirt and necktie or bow tie when the occasions call.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert