The Types of Tie

When buying a tie or any men’s accessory, there are so many choices that sometimes you simply don’t recognize the various options. With the advantage of ecommerce, the consumer is more educated and the buying process is easier and far more enjoyable. Here is a list ties available in both the online and offline retail market.

Polyester Satin Ties: They are very popular due to their durability. They can maintain great shape and form, withstand consistent travel, and come in a variety of designs. These ties are the most common in the traditional work place.

Bowties: Historically, bowties are worn for special occasions such as weddings, formals, and galas.  Yet the modern day man has reinvented the bowtie and it has become common and stylish in the work place.  Bowties are sold pre-tied and self-tied

Novelty Tie: A very popular gift for all type of occasions. These kinds of tie are usually themed and are often gifted for birthdays and Father’s Day.

The Cravat: Properly tied, the cravat compliments a tuxedo gorgeously.  Most commonly worn for weddings, this special day deserves a special type of tie. Pre-tied cravats seem to be the most popular between consumers as they are fairly difficult to do properly. Whether pre-tied or not, you will certainly stand out from the troop when wearing this on your wedding day.

Silk Tie:  Usually the most expensive, but the material enhances a different type of elegance and emphasizes the detail of a well fitted suit.

Ties have been the centerpiece for uniforms, suits, and costumes for centuries.  They bring a sense of style and formality, and throughout the decades, even with broad changes in fashion, they have kept their place as a staple and an essential accessory. presents a wide variety of offerings and hopes to be the destination for consumers looking to bring style and flare to their wardrobe at affordable prices.

April 27, 2018 by The Tie Expert