Things That Stylish Men Should Never Wear

When you become a stylish man, there is no room for sloppiness and fashion mistakes. Forget the clothing you grew up wearing because you didn’t have a choice. Your parents picked out clothing for you when you were young, but now that you are older, an adult, you go out there and pick clothes that depict your style and yourself.  You might not always get it right, but you can learn about the mistakes to avoid during your purchase or when dressing up.

To make the learning process easier for you, outlined below are a few things that true stylish men should never wear and step outside in.

  1. Short Socks

Short socks are a total no-no if you are a stylish man. No one loves looking at your hairy calves or even the ones you have shaved. If you are in a formal setting, that could really give a bad impression. Always look for socks that go way over the calves so that in case you cross your legs or sit down, all people will see are good socks and not your calves.

  1. Slogan T-shirts

If you are stylish you will express yourself by wearing tasteful clothing and not slogan T-shirts.  When you wear one, you give the impression of immaturity. Besides, why use a slogan T-shirt while there are so many options when it comes to shirts and T-shirts that would make you look a lot more elegant?  The only place you should wear your slogan T-shirt is when you are in the house or bedroom and not leaving your house.

  1. Pajama Pants In Public

It doesn't matter if you are just running to the nearby store or just at the gas station around the corner. Pajama pants should only be when within your house. Never ever leave your house in pajama pants because the only thing you will be communicating is that you are sloppy. Put on a pair of good jeans and a shirt before you leave your house if it is just an errand that you are running. That is what stylish men do.

  1. Embroidered Long Trousers

Some top designers might have designed trousers like this but the embroidered trousers should be left for women. Men trousers should be plain and classy with no embroidered motifs, preppy shapes, designer logos, little whales and so on. When you find one just pass and pick the next one that looks more manly and stylish.

  1. Deep V-neck Tops

Completely avoid any shirt, or T-shirt that shows off a lot of man-cleavage because often times it is usually in bad taste. If you want to feel the breeze on your chest just wear a normal V-neck T-shirt or shirt. V-necks are one of the most stylish clothing and getting them right will definitely classify you as one of the stylish men walking on earth.

  1. Baggy Clothes

Stylish men wear clothes that flatter their body shape and make them appealing to look at. Ill-fitting clothes are a great turn-off and give a bad impression on first sight. It often times a sign of unprofessionalism or sloppiness. Always be on the lookout for a good fit and alter your clothes if you have to achieve that. Get a good tailor to do your outfits and when you do, you will spend all your days feeling confident because you are appealing to look at.

  1. Wide Or Too Skinny Ties

A very thick necktie could make you look older than you are because that style is outdated.  Most stylish men will wear a tie that is 2-3 inches wide and not more or less. If you are a big-physique guy, you can always go for a bigger tie. Remember that your tie width should always be proportional to your jackets lapel width. If you are rocking a casual tie for the casual look then you can always opt for skinny ties.

  1. Untucked Dress Shirts

A stylish man will always cringe when they see an untucked dress shirt. The main reason why dress shirts are so long is that they are supposed to be tucked in. If you are going for the casual look untucking is not the way to go. Look for casual shirts that don’t require tucking in such as one of those button-down shirts.

  1. Sandals With Socks

 There is a reason why they sandals are open and expose your feet. They are meant to make your feet feel the air as you walk and definitely don’t require socks when wearing them. The effect when wearing them is absolutely ridiculous and tasteless. If you want to wear them with socks then you might as well go for the closed shoes. A stylish man will wear sandals with good shorts or pants but not for formal meetings.

Just like it is easy to spot a fashion faux pas, it is also very easy to spot and appreciate a well-thought-out outfit. If you want to be more on the stylish man category, consider the above tips. Gone are the days when men got away with committing fashion mistakes. Fashion speaks volumes whether in social, informal or formal setups and people will always first judge you by what you are wearing.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert