Tips For Dressing For A Wedding

When a wedding of your friend or family comes up you want to support your friend and show up in style. As you find a date, get a good gift and make plans to reach the venue on time, you also have to find the best outfit. This is not the time to find that only suit that you have which probably has mothballs because you wore it three years ago to the last interview you went to. Go out there and shop for an outfit. If you are one of the groomsmen then you are lucky because an outfit style has already been decided on. However, if you are attending the wedding as a guest, you will have to go an extra mile to find an outfit that will match the elegance at the wedding.

Outlined below are some useful tips to help you dress for that wedding as a guest.

  1. Detail Will Set You Apart

You definitely don't want to be just another guy in a suit at the wedding reception just like the hundreds of others in suits. Look for a knockout-suit then spruce it up with accessories. They could be cufflinks, a pocket square, a bow tie and a cool pair of socks. The little accents will add a unique flair and single you out as the best-dressed guest at that wedding reception. Just be careful not to over-accessorize so as to avoid looking like a performer at the wedding. Look for something that will make your suit or the outfit you choose to look like you really took your time coming up with it.

  1. Consider your Date’s Attire In Your Choice

As a guy, you can't just attend a wedding without another by your side. Consult with your date about the outfit so that both your outfits can coordinate. You definitely don't want to out-dress your date or make it turn out to be a clash of the outfits with her. Let your outfits rhyme in a way that when you make that grand entrance, the crowd can be impressed with your great ability to coordinate your outfits. However, as you coordinate your outfit with your date, be careful that you don't exaggerate your outfits. Subtlety in coordination is the key to wedding success dressing.

  1. Consider Practicality

It is important to consider your venue when dressing up. If the wedding is taking place during winter, then consider heavier attire to keep you warm. If the venue is at a white sand beach, then you will have to consider a lighter outfit such as cotton to keep yourself cool. Since weddings are usually all-day affairs, consider an outfit including shoes, that you will be comfortable in throughout the day.

  1. Plan Your Outfit In Advance

If you really want to make an impression on the wedding day as a guest, you will have to plan about your outfit in advance. Take time to shop around for an outfit. Visit a tie shop if you have to just to find the ideal bow tie and do the same for the men's shoe stores. You can always have a talk with your tailor and have them make you something nice.  You can even use them to alter your current clothing to depict a certain style. Visit a barber a day before the wedding, as much as a week's stubble might be sexy looking, it could also be a sign of bad grooming. 

  1. Don’t Steal The Thunder

Keep in mind that on that day, it is all about the couple and not you. Rule out any earth-shattering outfits that you are thinking of wearing so that you can make tongues wag in awe.  No white suits(white is the bride's color), no flashy colors, just look cool in your finely tailored outfit and make sure it is not too over-the-top or flashy lest you look like an attention-seeking jerk. Be subtle but stylish just like the thoughtful guest that you are.

  1. Pore Through Some Men Fashion Content

If you have no idea on what to wear but want to make a good impression on the wedding day, you don’t have to worry. You can always find some wedding outfit ideas on men’s magazines or on men fashion blogs. Look at the men in the picture and picture yourself in one of the outfits. You can always show them to your tailor so that they can make you a similar outfit according to your body size.

  1. Consult Friends

If you have that friend who is always so fashion-forward, it wouldn’t hurt to consult them on what to wear. Ask them for their opinion, let them advise you on the best outfits or even use them as inspiration and borrow a leaf from their style. 

Attending a wedding as a guest shouldn't stress you as a man. With the above tips, you will find the best outfit and have a lot of fun on that great day as you celebrate your married friends.
May 15, 2018 by The Tie Expert