Tips For Dressing For Your Body Type

Unlike women, men do not sit on round tables discussing body types and how to dress them. However, any man that has got the dressing well figured out will tell you that the right fit matters a lot. Clothes that do not fit well are not only uncomfortable but unflattering as well.

Most men are above the obvious wrong choice of clothes, like wearing wedding ties into the office or showing up for a formal meeting in a party jacket. The challenge to many is getting the right fit for their body types. With most stores being online, it is essential to know your body type to get the right size always.

Five main body types represent the most significant percentage of men. Once you understand where you fall, it is easy to know which cuts will work for you and which ones not to touch.

1. The rectangle body type

Here is where the shoulder, hips and the waist are the same widths. The rectangle body type is among the least flattering ones. To handle this shape best, one needs to create the impression of broadened shoulders, and that is where to draw the focus. By doing this, you mimic the trapezoid, which is the most flattering body shape, by creating a similar silhouette.

Jackets with a lot shoulder padding flatter and broaden your shoulders, making it an excellent choice for men with a rectangle body type. Also, consider jackets or coats with wide lapels. Wide lapels create a better proportion as they draw the focus to your shoulders.

Another tip to draw the attention upwards is to wear a crew-neck sweater on top of a button-down shirt. Layering up works best for this shape. Make sure that your clothes fit too the waist and that all your tops are tapered towards the trunk.

If you are into stripes, wear horizontal ones across the upper torso to draw the attention up. Accessorizing your look with appropriate scarf or necktie also helps.

Avoid double breast jackets or any other clothes that draw attention to the rectangle shape. Also, keep off shapeless outfits.

2. The Inverted triangle

This shape refers to men with broad shoulders (moderate to bulky muscles), muscular legs and arms, but with a well defined narrow waist.

Dressing inverted triangle shape calls for balancing the proportions. Most of the people with this shape are men who like training their upper bodies. Naturally, the good build up top parts will draw attention; the dressing should help focus on the lower part of the body.

By wearing a belt, you will draw attention towards the hips hence achieve the objective. Just make sure that the belt is very well picked and matches the entire outfit. Go for V-neck shirts and t-shirts to make your body proportional by drawing attention down.

Double breast jackets have a lot of details in the middle of the body, which effectively widens your torso.

The inverted triangle body type men should avoid skinny jeans, slim fitting or tight bottoms at all costs. Also, any top with shoulder padding will add more attention to the focus on this area, hence a bad idea.

3. The triangle

This shape emphasizes more on the belly area and does not insinuate fat or unhealthy. These men have fuller hips and waists than the shoulders. Most of the men’s clothes in the market are made for the exact opposite of the triangle body shape. Like all the other tips, the idea is to draw attention away from the middle part of the body to the upper shoulders.

Vertical stripe shirts or tops streamline this body type well. You may get away with horizontal stripes that are only on the upper torso. Another way to ensure the focus remains on the upper part, from the chest upwards is by wearing clothes with details or bright colors on that part of the body. 

Subtle colors like navy blue, gray, or black on the mid areas help the waist look slimmer, which is the effect you would wish to achieve.

Polo shirts and roll necks will make the neck and shoulder look slimmer while accentuating the waist. Avoid them. Do not wear anything that will make your stomach or mid area look wider like horizontal stripes across the abdomen or trousers that are heavily tapered.

4. The trapezoid or average build man.

Men with this shape do not have to adhere to the many fashion commandments. The trapezoid is the most popular body type as it naturally balanced with broader shoulders than the middle part and well-defined lean legs.

These men get away with most fashion statements including prints and lines. One needs to ensure that it is the right fit always. With this body type, the concern may be height or overall weight.

As a universal dress rule, if you are tall avoid very fitting clothes, leave room for some little fabric. Round shoes compliment tall people. On the other hand, short people look better in well appropriate outfits.

Whichever body type you have, it all boils down to dress it well. Clothes play a prominent role in keeping the attention in the right places. Small details like a red tie can be a game changer to someone who wants the focus on the upper part of the body. All one needs to understand is your body type. Then, you will quickly pick that which works for you, and the style that will not.
May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert