Tips To Pull Off the Best Cocktail Attire

So you have received an invitation to a certain event and right at the bottom, you are required to wear cocktail attire. Well, that could be a cause of distress to most especially if it's not so obvious to you. However, above all the anxiety that comes with those words, the most important thing to keep in mind is to always adhere to the specified dress code. If it is a bow tie look then, by all means, find one of those bow ties for men and come spotting it. You might not be comfortable with the idea, but you will be grateful you tried. You don't want to be remembered like ‘the vest guy' after appearing at your friend’s graduation with the cloth you feel most comfortable in.

Doing this will not only risk you losing a friend but also embarrass yourself. Simply think of it as a guide to help you from being under or overdressed compared to other guests. Therefore, you might need all the help you can get since shortcuts are out of question. And anyway, it is worth the trouble considering the heads you will turn. Moreover, that happens in only two situations: either when you are off completely or you memorably nail it. Trusting you would want to be remembered for all the right reasons, you will be glad you read this.

For starters, in the simplest sense of the concept, cocktail attire is the bridge between two worlds: casual day attire and fancy nighttime attire. In that regard, as much as you are required to be formal, it’s perfect to add some personal touches. But this is not the time to improvise your creative nature and get overwhelming. Interestingly, women have an easier time in picking out cocktail dresses. For some weird reason, their attire is usually very specific. Whereas for men, it’s not always so palpable. This said, here are amazing tips you can use to pull off the best cocktail attire whether it's clear what's expected of you or not.

Choosing your suit or blazer


When you think of suit, business comes to mind. However, it might be your best bet since it’s very easy to manipulate into cocktail attire. If you are going for a full suit, however, don't be too stiff about it. Remember to respect the dressing code and not look too formal. Therefore, black always works for interviews but it might not be your best option on this occasion. Simply select the one you wouldn't wear in the office, either due to its colour or fabric. Better still; don't go with the full standard suit. You can off-set the suit trouser by introducing a dashing or fancy blazer. A dash of colour with a pink tie might also work perfectly for you. When you combine style and colour you will never go wrong.

Pick the right fabric

Choosing the right fabric might seem like a non- issue and the least of your problems; which is why most people rarely bother about it. But come to think of it, if you get the fabric right, you can change a suit from formal to something fizzier. Fabrics such as wool are traditionally smart but you don't want to be that meek. Instead, go for clothes with interesting texture such as silk or velvet. Meanwhile, as you pick your fabric, be sure to be aware of your environment. For instance, get to know whether it is a day or night time event.

Getting the shirt right

When it comes to the shirt, you don’t want drama going on. Simplicity is key. However, you have an opportunity to style up especially if you go for the plain suit. Only then, can you use a patterned shirt. Another way to spice things up is by using a glamorous shirt with distinctive collar or cuffs. You are also allowed to use dress shirt, although, they are not easy to pull off. But you can still make it more interesting with a bow tie of the best-suited colour or with some opened up buttons.


Unlike the saying, don't judge a man solely by the shoes they wear, shoes are very telling. Frankly, sum up your entire cocktail outfit with great-looking footwear. This is where you also get the chance to take things a notch higher. The most common shoes for cocktail attire are loafers. You can never go wrong with them. Additionally, they come in different texture and colour. Choose the one that fits your outfit best. Also remember colour can go very wrong, therefore, trying getting it right.


Accessories are a major factor in pulling off cocktail attire. In fact, they can be the line that separates the formal from the casual look to the desired cocktail attire. Moreover, accessories give a chance to add personality and character to your outfit. Making you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. If you are also too sensitive to wear a vibrant outfit, accessories will come through for you in a big way. For instance, you can add some colour or pattern to your attire by introducing a scarf.


Above all, don’t wear something you are not comfortable in. As much as a cocktail event might be the only occasion you dress uncharacteristically ornate, just be subtle.

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