Want to dress sharp? Some useful tips

If you are the kind of person that values their style then dressing sharp then you understand just how much effort it takes to pull off the perfect look.  Many guys don't really know how to pull off that sharp look and often times it becomes a case of sharp look gone awry.  If you are looking for that elegant confident look when going out to any formal event, then always keep it sharp, and there are useful tips on just how to do this.

Do away with the boyish look

As a young guy you should always aspire to dress according to how you would like to be addressed. Therefore dressing sharp is more of a must than an option. Always opt for the rather presentable wear; choose the khaki trousers over the cargo trousers, the knit sweaters over the sweatshirts or the saddle shoes over gym shoes, polo shirts and not t-shirts and more so fitted jeans and not baggy jeans. The more reason a young guy should dress sharp is that dressing like a boy will perceive that your maturity level and age are on the down low. Therefore, dressing sharp will put you ahead in age and perception wise from the observers. Considering all that, go ahead and look for more stylish accessories that will give you the mature fashion look such as a great-looking man bag, different kinds of men's neckties, hats and many others

Learn to care for and be content with your clothes

Looking sharp and stylish could look really costly and might cause some guy to break the bank. The newsflash is that it is not necessary! One can still pull this look and still maintain his budget. The best way to do this is for you to invest in quality wear, this is important as they are more durable and made of a high-quality fabric. You will be forced to care for them well and thus take pride in them when you wear them for long periods.

 This will also help you maintain consistency as the current fashion world has so many outfits that are overpriced and don't really stay on trend for long. It will also help you minimize the number of times you would have to buy new wear.

Avoid the current expensive fashion trends

It’s not a crime that when you are invited to a dinner party you would want to dress the part for the most trending look. However, this look could cost you more coins than you can afford and in the end, it would all be a total waste, especially when the look fades off. So how do you save yourself from all this? Very simple, always maintain a classic look. This is important as a classic look will always keep you sharp looking 

A single-breasted charcoal 3 button suit complete with one of those cool bow ties is the perfect example of a classic look. A young guy should always have at least one or two suits in his closet. Occasions will always arise and important formal functions will dictate that you wear a suit. If buying a tailored suit is more expensive, then you could buy those suits that come in boxes and in standard sizes. White and light blue cotton shirts are another perfect example, they will never go out of fashion and can almost fit with anything, especially the charcoal suit. Try fitting the suit with a magenta or denim shirt and you will be greatly displeased. Also not to forget the fitted jeans that have had a fair share of trendy looks from ripped to cut to baggy among others, just keep it fit and simple and you are good to go.

Know how to dress under the weather

This often depends on the type of climate and the place you are in. Dressing for winter climate is not as hard as people may think. You could get that heavy trench coat and still keep it classy. Also the place you are matters, If you are in a rural place that is cold then you could try a tweed jacket since its colors match the environment unlike if you work in the city or attend school in the urban parts, the concrete or glass don’t just match the colors of the tweed jacket.

If the climate changes, so should you adjust your wardrobe; if its spring, try a pair of khaki and pastels if its summer then go bold with bright colors and at winter go with the rather black or white or even grey to maintain that sharp look.

Know your hat

This is an important accessory to complete the look as they always keep your hair dry and wind out of your ears. The knit hat which is mostly worn is used often to serve as a hat and not as part of a style. There are so many types of hats from fedoras to homburgs to pork pies, bowlers among others. In all this it is important you find the hat suits your face and can bring out that confident look. 

In conclusion, looking sharp is not an option for many young men as they try to dress to impress and with the current fashion trends. It is hard for some young men to keep up with the trends and for this reason, the classic look that is always consistent and never disappoints is recommended. This is the perfect way to keep it sharp with a low budget at hand.

May 10, 2018 by The Tie Expert