Ways To Make Shirts Look Great On You

Ever heard of, never judge a book by its cover? Of course, you have. But what is it that you do when a person works up to you? That’s right; you subconsciously judge them by their physical appearance. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, you make assumptions about people based on your first impression. ‘Luckily,’ you are not the only one in the struggle, the whole universe is. You might have good qualities and strength of character but it’s impossible to portray it by just a glance. Yet, by the time you speak, someone has already ‘figured you out’ and given you a brand. That might be the explanation many speak of when they say, life is unfair. However, gentlemen, you don’t have to get played by life. Since you are conscious and know what is needed of you, dress to impress.

One of the easiest ways to do that is by properly dressing your shirts. They are one of those closet staple pieces you should own. Whether you like them or not, they are inevitable. Therefore, warming up to the feeling is not such a bad idea. Nevertheless, it’s not just about buying shirts; you also have to look good in them. First things first, irrespective of your shape or wherever you buy your shirts, there are basic rules that apply to getting the perfect shirt hence looking good in them. Additionally, shirts are available in wide range of color and pattern. This makes them functional for both formal and casual wear. The following are ways you can work with your shirt to get a great flattering look.

Find the perfect fit

The fit of your shirt is everything. If it doesn’t fit well, irrespective of the details it has, let it be. The best fit on a shirt primarily allows a full range of motion, fitting comfortable while flattering your body in the best way. When choosing a shirt, check that the seam that connects your shirt sleeve to the body sits on top of the shoulder. Also, ensure that the collar is a perfect fit for being able to slide two fingers between the collar and your neck when the shirt is buttoned up. You can then throw in your silver bow tie to take it a notch higher. When wearing the shirt, there should be a maximum of 4 inches when you pull lightly at the torso of your shirt. Remember to also check that when untucked, the shirt doesn’t extend past the bottom of the back pocket. Alternatively, if you don’t find your fit in the 3 standard fits: slim, normal and loose fit, you can then opt to get it adjusted manually or find a good tailor to create the right shirt.

Get the perfect tuck

You can either wear your shirt tucked or untucked depending on the effect you want. It is surprisingly striking how the visual difference is huge. With this, it's a no-brainer that you will appear formal and much classier with a tasteful tuck. However, a sloppy tuck can ruin your otherwise good looking shirt and eventually your whole outfit. For a perfect tuck, simply pull your shirt as far down as you can. Then pull your trousers over your shirt, ensuring that it's well tucked all around. After you have zipped and buttoned your pants, grab the bottom of your shirt and pull it out a bit to bring some slack back to your shirt. But don’t do it too much to avoid a puffy looking mid-section. Finally, line up the buttons of your shirt with the fly of your pants. Then treat yourself by taking a spontaneous visit to a tie shop and get some men’s neckties.

Get the perfect fabric

Your shirt’s fabric has a role to play in your final look. If you just want to play it safe, well-woven cotton has been used to make shirts for centuries unbeaten. They allow good moisture and heat conduction; they are durable, soft to the touch, and shapes perfectly when ironed. If you want to up the game, you can bring in some texture and color by buying a silk shirt and a burgundy bow tie for example.

Detail matters

For you to look great in a shirt, details matter. After a perfect fit, it’s all about the detail. That is what differentiates a shirt from the other and how best it will fit your body type. For instance, check out the design of the collar, cuffs, shirt placket and even the buttons. Shirt plackets, for example, help to reinforce and retain the shape in the front of your shirt. Basically, there are two types of this: a standard placket front or concealed shirt placket. If you prefer and look better with a plain and simple shirt front, then a shirt with no placket is your choice. Therefore, get to know which details in a shirt looks great on you and settle for that.

At this century, every man has the opportunity to flaunt their personality through their shirts. There is a variety of style ranging from plain white, blue, or black formal shirts to floral, checks, and patterned casual shirts. Take your pick and run with it whichever way you please.

May 26, 2018 by The Tie Expert