What Is Tonal Dressing? And How to Get It Right

Matching different outfits is one of the greatest hurdles men face. Getting it right is another thing altogether. Tonal dressing is a relief to men. This style gives you the simple, yet classic look if done well. If you are the kind that fears to stand out for the wrong reasons, the tonal dressing style is just for you.

What is tonal dressing? It is where one wears various shades of the same color, or different pieces in the same color, all at once! Whether you are a casual die-hard or formal wearer, you can pull it for any occasion or event with the right tips. Do not worry about looking like a block; it is trending. All you need to know is how to get it right.

For the perfect look, you need to experiment even with different textures and attires. Combine different materials and see how the final look comes out. A sweater and a jacket work perfect for the chilly days. You can, therefore take a plain grey sweater and wear a checked grey jacket. The style accommodates all colors. Think of ash grey shirt with charcoal grey trousers. A sky blue shirt with a navy blue pants goes well too. All you need is the guide below to ensure you get it all right.

Keep it your style

A never dying dressing tip is to perfect your style. Tonal dressing works with any personality and dressing preference. Whether you are into jumpers, trainers, suits, or khakis. Keeping to your preferred type will go a long way to boost your confidence and make you happy. No dress code should kill your personality.

While it does not harm to try a different style once in a while, it is crucial not to lose yourself trying to fit. A burgundy bow tie surprisingly complements a redshirt. Try it if bow ties are your thing.

Settle for your color of choice

The tonal dressing is all about color. Though picking colors is a task to most men, with tonal dressing all you need to do is choose one that you wish to wear that day.

Black matches many textures and shades. It is the perfect way for any man to start the tonal dressing journey as it is not only safe but will give you a daring look. Any man will be comfortable with the black look in any occasion.

How about white? This daring look of all white is just not a reserve for celebrating the start of summer. White is great for all occasions throughout the year. It is for the young at heart and the men that yearn for a fresh look. A black bow tie for the wedding or party transforms a white shirt look into an exclusive black tie outfit. When summer begins don it head-to-toe and step out in style.

Beige is for the men who would love some color but wish to keep it subtle. It makes a good break from the common black and grey while maintaining the slick look that every man wishes to achieve.

If you are crazy with colors, try a bright full colored shirt or accessories with the calmer shades of the same colors for the pants and darker for the shoes.

Match your body

Just like any other dressing rule, wear well-fitting outfits. Walking around in oversized clothes kills any good in the intended look and makes the most expensive gear look cheap. Always keep to your size. A black outfit has a slimming effect on generously sized bodies. If you wish to hide some weight, this is a good choice. Should you settle for prints, stripes or checked, let the emphasis be on the right places.

Pay attention to details

It is amazing how small details make a huge difference and give an outfit a different look. Conspicuous bold stitches on a shirt make a style statement compared to a plain one. Dark grey buttons on an ash grey make a shirt an extraordinary one. You will stand out as this is not that every day look. Details also help you get a hint of what color of pants to wear for the complete knight look.

Dress for the occasions

The tonal dressing is not an excuse to show up at a wedding all dressed down and looking off. A skinny tie can turn a casual look into a semi-casual one. Even the casual freaks will find this manageable while you fit in well. Some accessories like a matching watch, belt, or shoes also go a long way to define the overall look in tonal dressing.

Whether you are headed for a golf event or just hanging out with the boys, tone it with a short and tee. You can pull it for all occasions. All you need to do is play around with the outfits and style.

A tonal dressing is merely a guide. Depending on your style and preference, any man pulls it easily.

May 14, 2018 by The Tie Expert