Your Guide To Choosing The Best Looking Formal Pants

A statement jacket or the latest shoes will always be on top of a man’s lust list. However, do not let it overcome your need for essentials. It is unavoidable for everyman to own formal pants. It seems like a simple affair which only requires you to go to the store and get the trousers. How difficult can it get? But you will soon realize that formal pants are a tricky affair in fashion.


Surprisingly it is difficult to find the right fit. However, if you get it right, dress pants bring everything together even when they are not the star of the show. You know how it feels when wearing the right pair of trousers, right? It can be the most powerful item you wear. On the other hand, get it wrong and you will ultimately ruin the look of an otherwise good suit or outfit. Your perfect pair of trousers should follow your body shape: widest at your waist, tapering all the way to your ankles, and with no excess fabric hanging loose. 

At the same time, good trousers should be functional too. This involves having pockets of the right size and shape without bulging. Dress or formal trousers should never narrow and then widen at the bottom. You should also know that with most formal pants, the distance from the waist to the crotch is higher than that of casual jeans. Therefore, to pull off a great look, wear them a bit higher on the body. Casual jeans are designed to be worn at the waist, while formal pants rest comfortably above the hips. With proper fitting pants, you will ultimately exude confidence, power, and ambition. Here is your guide in choosing your ultimate best at work or other occasion pants. The kinds that make people remember you.

Choose the right fit

First and foremost, men’s pants are sized differently from those of females. While women’s are mostly categorized by size, men’s trousers are categorized by measurements. Going through the protocol of finding out whether the pants fit is actually rather quicker than it might seem. For most people, all that determines whether pants fit is determined by the waist and inseam. While there is nothing wrong in that, with formal pants side length, rise and leg opening should be taken into account.


 If you are trying out dress pants, be sure to sit, lean over, stand, and other motions that you would do regularly to ensure it's a comfortable fit. Your waistband is also an important factor in choosing the perfect pants. It should fit comfortably around your waist without being too tight or big. A properly fitted pair of formal pants should not be able to slide off the body, irrespective of not having suspenders or belts. When in doubt of the right fit, wear the trouser without a belt and examine the front. If it slides off, it's definitely the wrong fit.

Choose according to your body type

Men, just like women, come in different shapes and sizes and finding the right fit with infinite options can be more difficult than it seems. Therefore, it can be an easier process if you understand your body shape and what works best for you. It is also a great idea to revisit your dress pants when your physique slims down or bulks up. If you are averagely built with medium muscle definition, chances are you will look great in almost anything. Your best bet is in tapered pants with body fitting upper cloth to showcase your body’s balance. If you are more muscular, you will look much better in slim slacks that define your slim waist without being too tight of a fit. If you have a triangular body, keep away from skinny, tapered, or slim pants, rather, go for straight formal pants. This is to minimize the look of a wider mid-section.

Look Out For Details

When shopping for dresser pants, be sure to look out for the detail because certain details work out differently on different bodies. For instance, consider whether you look best in pleated or plain-front trousers. Pleated trousers add flexibility and comfort. However, if not well picked, it may look voluminous and dull your whole outfit. With plain-front pants, they offer a narrower and sleeker front than pleated dress trousers.

Another detail to look out for cuffs. They help add a bit of weight to your garment and shorten the visual impression of a man's legs. This helps the chest and face stand out more. However, if you are short, be sure to steer clear and go for unbroken line pants.

Choose your desired pocket

Both the front and rear pockets are important aspects of a good dresser pant. Basically, keep the pockets slim by avoiding burdening it with voluminous items. A bulging pant can not only destroy your look but also make you uncomfortable.

Choose The Right Material And Color

Woollen blends or woven wool is common fabric used in formal pants. The fabric is both comfortable and durable. Gray and navy blue are common too because they almost go with everything from the navy blue bow tie to the standard black bow tie or even a  tweed jacket of any colour. 

Those are some important guidelines that you can use in making a better purchasing decision. Settle for what brings the best in you and nothing less.

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